Melvon Services

Melvon offers the following services in alliance with Baker Hughes a GE Company:


Melvon offers a proven portfolio of well completion technologies, together with domain expertise and commitment to flawless execution, to give you confidence in your completion. We provide solutions for every scenario, including technically challenging environments requiring integrated systems and project management.

From conventional products to advanced monitoring and control systems, our products integrate seamlessly into your completion, helping you optimize recovery and reservoir drainage.


Melvon liner hanger systems, designed to work in every well condition, have been used around the world on some of the deepest and most difficult wells, on state-of-the-art horizontal completions and in deep water applications or where customers simply want the most reliable completion equipment available.

Today, our commitment to innovation, quality and reliability is stronger than ever. Our product portfolio includes liner packers, liner hangers, setting tools and accessories, surface cementing equipment, downhole cementing accessories such as port collars and stage cementing tools and tieback equipment. Melvon Liner Systems are available in expandable, hydraulic and mechanical settings and can be configured for rotation, reaming or drill down capabilities.

The result is a full-size window completed in minimal time, providing a full-gauge rat-hole for the directional assembly. Melvon whipstocks system is available in full ranges of sizes, from 4 ½” through to 20” casing. The system includes all necessary ancillary equipment and one back-up system.


Melvon offers its clients an innovative, full-gauge Milling-Window system that has the potential to reduce side-tracking costs by as much as 50%. The self-contained unit allows operators to open a side-track window in just one trip – saving time and money, while increasing efficiency.

In a single trip in and out of the hole, all seven of the major steps needed in cutting a side-track window can be accomplished, namely:

  • Running the assembly
  • Orientating the whipstock (with MWD or Gyro)
  • Setting the whipstock hydraulically
  • Shearing the mill from the whipstock assembly
  • Milling and dressing the window
  • Drilling a full gauge rat hole
  • Pulling out of the hole


Melvon designs, delivers, and supports pipeline surveillance solutions for operators and plants around the world. Our fiber-optics-distributed technologies deliver industry-specific solutions to protect our customers’ capital investments through real-time measurement interpretation and provision.

Throughout the process, we ensure that customers’ needs are met through operator training, presite surveys, project management and execution, customer support, in-house graphical user interface development, and service and maintenance provision.

Balancing innovation with quality enables us to manage and implement the most commercially viable solutions. In addition, our inherent partnership culture enhances our ability to deliver solutions on time and within budget constraints.

Our team of experienced engineers can help you maintain optimal performance across your well operations, even in the event of issues that can limit production. Melvon partners with you to strategically and efficiently clean and remove debris before completion, safely suspend production during storms or planned maintenance, conduct remediation and stimulation to rejuvenate production, sidetrack existing wells to reach new targets, and carry out safe and effective plug and abandonment.


The ideal well intervention program should solve your problems, not add to them. That’s why we’ve assembled the industry’s premier expert teams and portfolio to help you design and execute the most effective and efficient well intervention programs possible. Get your drilling programs back on track with fast, reliable fishing and sidetracking operations. Ensure your wellbore is clean before installing the completion. Limit production downtime and improve reservoir flow with customized conventional or through-tubing remediation and stimulation services. And, when the time comes, safely and efficiently plug and abandon your well with confidence.

Add value while overcoming any potential challenges throughout the productive life of your well with Melvon’s broad portfolio of well intervention services. From wellbore cleanup to fishing services, casing exits, thru-tubing intervention, inflatable systems, service tools, coiled-tubing stimulation systems, and smart intervention systems, our custom solutions are designed to support your productivity by combining Melvon expertise and a range of equipment for practical use.


We are Nigeria’s one-stop shop for multi-national engineering & construction companies local content support.

We hold an extensive inventory of rental equipment (compressors, welding machines, generators, etc.) for offshore, onshore and subsea activities and also offer new designs and builds equipment for sale. We build more than just great machines, We build partnerships.

How We Deliver

Melvon maintains its rental equipment inventory in a condition that renders items ready for call-off at short notice. Our independence and unrivaled working relationship with the equipment suppliers enable quick delivery and bespoke solutions to be provided in circumstances not conducive for the major suppliers.


Reduce CAPEX with our advanced drilling and workover rental tools

Our rental tools eliminate ownership costs, supplement existing inventory, and comply with industry and regulatory specifications. Our highly trained teams deliver drilling and workover technologies for any operational need—from drill pipe to circulation subs to high-performance underreamers—and help you to quickly and safely deploy them at your wellsite.


We are the manufacturers’ distributor for a variety of world class oil industry products and equipment. We have the reach and means to procure materials from around the globe through a wide supplier/stockists network worldwide.

Our procurement capability includes, but not limited to OCTG, Carbon Steel/Seamless Line Pipes & Drilling Equipment, instrumentation valves & fittings, process pumps and compressors, large diameter valves, test instruments and oil tools in general.