Integrated Well Completions Services

Melvon offers a comprehensive field project management that ensures all aspects of delivering a well are carried out flawlessly, and efficiently with strategies that improved hydrocarbon recovery and guarantee cost-effectiveness. Our integrated well-completion services range from

  • Well engineering
  • Project management
  • Logistics, and contractor management
  • Field supervision
  • Affordable commercial pricing

Well Engineering
Melvon understands that well engineering is an important phase of any project, as a result, works with the client to efficiently design, prepare and develop a comprehensive workable plan and strategy with minimum non-productive time while maintaining quality, safety, and well integrity.

Project Management
For effective project management of integrated well services communication with all stakeholders is the key to operational efficiency therefore Melvon promotes communication among all throughout the life of the project. Melvon team coordinates and manages the entire operational execution process both at the base and field, while reviewing each process risk, and developing mitigation and contingency plan, ensuring efficient service. At the end of the successful project, Melvon reviews the entire project execution process captures lessons learned, and identifies improvement opportunities that you can use to optimize the next project.

Logistics, and contractor management
Melvon team alliance with all contractors and coordinates all aspects of project delivery to ensure accountability and minimize the risk of project service delay from rig contracting to field execution services.

Field supervision
Melvon offers and ensures reliable, cost-effective, and flawlessly wellsite operation and delivery through remote monitoring and field supervision throughout the life of the project. Our customers expect nothing short of quality wells.

Affordable commercial pricing
Melvon works with customers to design and plan cost-effective strategies without compromising operational goals, quality, and safety, but the rather maximum return on investment at an affordable price.