Career Path

In Melvon, we understand the value each individual brings to the table. We celebrate diversity in all its forms and are immensely proud of our workforce.

Each of us yields a different perspective, past experiences, and ideas. Individually, we are impressive. Together we are unstoppable. Yes! We are Team Melvon.

At Melvon, we acknowledge that in order to perform to potential, people need to clearly understand their role, the goals of the organization, and how those goals translate into individual objectives.

We are committed to engaging into meaningful conversations with our employees throughout the year to establish performance goals and ensure that our people are constantly challenged to grow into positions of higher responsibility.

We have great people. It is paramount for us to match our people’s potentials with organizational opportunities through training, mentoring and defined career paths.

Our Human Resource team is focused to provide a challenging and enriching career path, with a healthy balanced structure and flexibility to help staff navigate their own course. Our talent review process is connected to define leadership competencies at all tiers. This process is enriched through seminars, training and retraining and other learning initiatives.

There are many great things about our Company; including our Culture, Core values and norms... You may contact us via email