Marginal Field Development

Melvon Nigeria Limited specializes in the evaluation, development, and operation of marginal oil and gas fields. Irrespective of oil prices, it is always about economics when it comes to developing an oil field. Are you faced with the challenges of the uncertainty of DATA, CAPEX, and OPEX? Then think MELVON.

We make use of proven technologies, fit-for-purpose facilities, and our team of industry experts to transform marginal fields into commercially attractive and technically viable projects that will maximize the economic recovery of valuable hydrocarbon resources and reduce your time to first oil.

Having a clear understanding of the prospect, all the complex factors and risks, and the ways they should be managed, Melvon develops plans that can transform the economics of marginal fields quickly, efficiently identifying and evaluating the options available considering licensing, project structures, field economics, and financing. The aim is to determine the technical and economic viability of the proposed development and to give license holders confidence in the robustness of the project returns and therefore the ability to finance the project.

Melvon simply develops, delivers, and operates your projects to deliver economic and investable developments!!