Directional Drilling Services

Melvon offers tailored drilling services that deliver quality and accurate wellbores resulting in improved hydrocarbon recovery and a reduction in total drilling cost. We deliver your wells in record time using arrays of industry-standard motors/rotary steerable systems and expertise in extreme and rugged environments including, but not limited to high pressure and high-temperature situations, and oil-based fluids.

Our motors are ideal for your directional drilling, multilateral drilling, horizontal drilling, open hole, and cased hole side tracks, jetting and vertical hole performance drilling hence, you can speed up your hydrocarbon recovery with faster ROP, longer runs with greater reliability, better steering response, and hole quality. The mud motors come in several sizes ranging from 4-3/4” to 12-3/4”. For performance flexibility, our motors have features that allow them to be adapted for different speed requirements, for high speeds and low speeds.

We simply align durable bits in our drilling bottom-hole assembly to deliver fast, durable, and reliable wellbores. Our system allows you to drill, steer, and land your wellbore in a smooth, safe, and precise fashion for quality and cost reduction.

Our highly experienced and performance-driven drillers are known to provide directional services on budget and on time. Our team is dedicated to bringing our customers closer through unmatched services: reaching target depth more quickly with higher rates of penetration (ROPs), maximizing drilling efficiency, and wellbore placement with our rotary steerable systems.