Measurement While Drilling (MWD) Services

Our measurement-while-drilling (MWD) system is designed to offer superior solutions in accurate geometric wellbore placement, drilling optimization, and reservoir navigation services. Reliable formation data is paramount as drilling progresses to ensure high wellbore quality as well as reaching target zones in record time at a reduced cost. Our MWD system is simply the answer. Regardless of the condition or environment – land, swamp, shelf, and deep offshore, our system is designed to deliver desired data for accurate wellbore placement to help operators achieve drilling and completion objectives.

With Melvon, you get:

  • High-Speed Transmission
  • Precise inclination/azimuth with full gamma ray logging
  • Real-time annular PWD (Pressure While Drilling)
  • Real-time downhole dynamics (stick/slip, Real-time RPM, Tri-axial shock &Vibration)