Drilling Engineering

Melvon designs and optimizes your well trajectory to meet your subsurface and drilling objectives without compromising safety and cost. We work closely with our client’s subsurface and drilling team to generate the most accurate well plans possible without compromising safety and efficiency so that our clients get optimal value and returns on their wells.

Our Drilling Engineering Hub manned by experienced Drilling Engineers is equipped with the industry’s best well planning software (COMPASS) to design vertical, high-angle, 2D, and 3D well trajectories, for anti-collision monitoring and avoidance, torque and drag analysis, hydraulics simulations, and real-time operations support to help increase drilling performance and reduce costs.

All of our field personnel are equipped with the appropriate well details, hardware, and software to continuously monitor and direct the drilling operation. While drilling a well, all our field personnel and support staff are available to the customer twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Accurate and detailed daily drilling reports are provided during the operations, and at the end of the job, a detailed End Of Well Report is delivered to the customer.